Join us for the 30th reunion!

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Dear Classmates,

Remember the bagpipe player in Harvard Square? Did you occasionally catch dinner at Dudley House (Lehman Hall) because the main freshman dining hall was ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE YARD? Do you have recollections of Harvard winning the championship in hockey and the “bunnies” that led the cheering? Is this giving you flashbacks yet? Or does none of this ring a bell? Perhaps we will meet sometime and compare notes about being first-year students in The Yard.

For me, 50 years old is most likely truly mid-life. The women in my family live a long time. If that’s not enough, the existential dread of a worldwide pandemic has had me ruminating about where I came from and where I’m going. Throw in a 30th Reunion, and suddenly, revisiting Harvard and all of you has become an imperative.

Consider joining in on the reunion year events, virtual or in person. Revisit the scene of the crime. Let out your inner child. Make some new memories with the people you “grew up” with or the ones you never got a chance to meet. Additional reunion details will be shared in the months to come and will be posted right here.

Programming at the Reunion will include gatherings with both First Year Dormmates and also with Housemates.

Friday, June 3–Sunday, June 5, 2022 (with plans for informal gathering on Thursday night, June 2!)

Registration and hotel info included in the link below.

For the latest information on COVID-related policies on campus

Additionally, April and May Zoom links for virtual meet ups with classmates will be emailed from Gabrielle Burton ’92 ( And there are terrific class conversation/reconnection Zooms coming right up! On good leadership and how we support it (February 17) and on writing about history in a complex world (March 16). Info below.

So join us!

Hope to see you soon,

Lisa Ware & all the Reunion Committee

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